How to Use a Planter for Patio Garden


patio garden planter

Many people use patio to start gardening, you can do the same thing. There are many ways to use patio for gardening, people use containers such as pots or planter box.

Planter can accommodate patio garden plants in bulk and you can move it to indoor if the weather is not friendly. It’s available in many sizes and styles, made from materials that can enhance your patio garden.

However, some people claim difficult to use patio garden planter! If you are a beginner, follow steps below!

1. Clean planter using a water and bleach, it’s to kill bacteria that might interfere with the plant. Once finished washing, let it dry. Move to a place that gets lots of sunlight.

Important note: before washing, make sure planter has drainage holes, if you don’t find one, create it!

2. Use gravel to keep moisture from plants with one inch depth. Before that, make sure you’ve washed gravel so germ-free (you can use the same solution with number 1).

3. Keep your patio by placing drainage tray just below the drainage holes. The water drips from planter can damage wood patio or leave a stain.

4. Fill planter with soil, but not too much. Put the plant and expand the roots, add soil to cover the roots so firmly planted.

5. Place planter on areas with full sunlight on patio.

Well, using a patio garden planter is easy. Now you already know how to get started!


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patio garden planterpatio garden planterpatio garden planter