Step By Step Having A Small Backyard Gazebo


hole digger small backyard gazebo

You can have a gazebo around your home, even on small backyard. Despite having small yard, there is nothing impossible to have a gazebo. Here are the instructions to have a small backyard gazebo.

1. Please measure the area with a 10-foot by 10-foot and don’t forget mark the corners.

2. Use a post hole digger to dig a hole at each corner with 2,5 feet depth. Don’t forget to put six inches of gravel into each hole.

3. Set a landscape post right in the center of each hole and use cement to fill it. Nail the posts and check them straight and level. Wait for 24 hours until the cement dry.

4. Screw the long support boards horizontally to the outside of the posts at the top and bottom of the posts to frame the gazebo. Screw lattice to the outside corners of each post.

5. The last thing is laying the last three pieces of lattice right on top of the gazebo across the support boards and screw them together into place.


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