How to Start Indoor Vegetable Garden for Beginners


indoor vegetable garden

Plant vegetables in our house give unusual sensation. We can harvest and enjoy it by ourselves but there are also vegetables considered suitable as indoor plants ideas. Even so, do indoor vegetable garden isn’t easy as it sounds. You don’t disappointed, this article will discuss about growing vegetables by using a container like a pot.

There are three basic things must learn before planting vegetables inside the room:

1. Not all vegetables able to grown with indoor concept. Nonetheless, there are many vegetables you can plant. Usually, plants size is smaller such as cucumbers, carrots or tomatoes. Several vegetables are able to grown indoors without bothering with its growth.

Before you start planting, consult with people who have tried this concept. Ask about vegetables type to your neighbors, friends or nursery store owners around your city.

Ask also about how to plant and care it. Each vegetable have different method too.

2. Container type should also enter into main consideration. Choose one center draining hole. This is to make sure the water drains out and not create a muddy soil which has possibility to damage the vegetables plant.

If you want to add beauty to the room, you can choose a container with different colors. In addition, there are many materials you can choose, start from metal, plastic and clay. Note also the pot size, choose one matches to vegetable crops size.

3. Soil pot become an important concern because can affect the growth and fertility. Choose a quality soil free from dirt or other hazardous substances. Take your time to check soil moisture and temperature, don’t give too much water and make sure you put it in an easily accessible position of sunlight.

By applying those three steps above to get an indoor vegetable garden, it can help you to plant vegetables successfully.


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indoor vegetable gardenindoor vegetable gardenindoor vegetable garden