Play a Trick in Your Limited Space trough Rooftop Gardens


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As we know that nowadays, global warming has becoming the hot issues in the world that makes people try harder to save it. Many solutions have been done to overcome this kind of problem. However, it will not enough if there is no serious thing to do by people starting from their own house. In this case, people can do a very simple thing by creating a small garden in their house. But the common problem of making a small garden is about the rest of the space in their house. There are many homeowners who have a small house without yard in their modern house. People can play a trick on it by applying rooftop gardens on the top part of their house.

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Rooftop garden is defined as the gardedn that is created by human which uses the top area of their house as the area to plant the growth. The way to create this kind of rooftop gardn is very simple, that is by using some small pots as the plantation media of the plants. Many people usually plant some vegetables in this area. On the other hand, people plant some fruits like strawberries or grapes to beautify their house.

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If you are the one who want to make your limited space looks more natural, you can play this kind of trick on your house. What you need is just by preparing some plantation media and pick the best seed you are going to grow. Then, take care of it cnitnuously so that you will get the best result of your rooftop gardens.

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