Kind of Easy Apartment Plants with Simple Care


easy apartment plants

Any person who wants to make a garden in apartment often confused to choose plants. In this case, houseplant is a good choice to decorate apartment and matched using indoor concept. However, before choosing a houseplant, there are many factors need to consider, start from temperature, space, humidity, light requirement and most importantly, how to care it.

So, what are kind of crops categorized as easy apartment plants?

1. There are many types of Ivy and fits with indoor concept. It has a unique leaf shapes and beautiful colors. If you want to put it in the room, you can put ivy by hanging basket or trellis for outdoor garden. This requires direct sunlight about 4-6 hours. Give fertilizer once a month and keep the soil moist.

2. Plant that easy to maintain is spider plant. It produces small beautiful flowers. Spider plants need sufficient sunlight and can survive in any temperature condition. However, it requires nutrients for every month.

3. Philodendrons suitable for those who rarely take a time to care for plant. It can survive in any condition and has a heart-shaped leaves. This plant is very strong, resistant to pests, temperature and requires no moisture.

No need direct sunlight so we can put it in a position far away from windows. Give nutrition every month and do trimming if it grows too long.

Easy apartment plants no require complex treatment. Other option to decorate the room is small apartment plants.


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easy apartment plantseasy apartment plantseasy apartment plants