Indoor Apartment Garden is The Best Solution for Limited Land


indoor apartment garden

Having a garden is all people’s hope despite living in an apartment. No need large land to plant different crops, we can create an indoor apartment garden by using entire room optimally! We can put some potted plants in every room. This is a trick to give different impression as well to beautify the room. Plants are able to clean up and improve air quality.

We can put 2 or 3 different plants and changing the room as “green space”. There are many advantages we can get, the room become more serene and peaceful. Plants bring a soothing and pleasant impression, suitable as therapy after a busy day.

Instead, potted plants placed in a room with a balcony or large windows. If you want to enjoy every precious moment to watch plants grow, put some chairs and decorate the walls with cool colors. This could be a relaxation room to release tired.

Not all room is fit to laying plants. We need to consider the room condition whether it is good or not, notice sunlight, humidity, ventilation and so on. Some plants also have different characteristics, so we have to find out about this issue.

There are plants suitable for indoor concept, start from flowers to plants such as dried lavender or herbs. Indoor apartment garden is easy for us to apply, prepare a container such pots in different size and some plants. Now, you are ready to do gardening activity without soil.


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indoor apartment gardenindoor apartment gardenindoor apartment garden