How to Make Small Home Garden with Vegetables Plant


small home garden vegetables

For those who like to spend time to gardening, there’s no harm try to make small home garden vegetables. Take advantage of your yard to plant different kind of vegetables, of course, it can give satisfaction because you have spent a long time and can enjoy a salad or other dishes.

Although the yard isn’t too large, there are many small home garden ideas by using planters or containers.

Growing vegetables in planters / raised beds.

1. If the soil isn’t fertile, you can use raised beds or planters to start growing vegetables.

2. Make raised bed is easy, you simply set up 2-inch board and then compile them into 4×4 foot square with a height of 12 inches. Don’t have time to make it? Buy it at nursery!

3. If you use planters, you can buy at the nursery. Fill in with soil fertile until full.

Grow vegetables in containers.

1. Growing vegetables in containers is the right choice because can be moved anywhere. You can move it to a porch or backyard.

2. You can plant different types of vegetables start from turnips, cabbage until carrots.

3. You can also grow vegetables by using a plastic pail. But choose one that is strong and has a drain hole. You can look it up in the nursery.

4. Before start to plant vegetables, fill a container with soil that has been mixed with fertilizer.

Creating small home garden vegetables can be done in containers, raised beds and planters. Now, there’s no reason not to grow vegetables even have a small yard.


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