How to Have Herb Garden with Wall Concept


wall herb garden

A limited land becomes main obstacle making many people want to have herb garden. Though, there are a lot of ways to make it happen and without worrying about space availability. Try vertical concept by using walls.

Wall herb garden is a unique choice, but effective enough to produce a variety of herbs ready for harvest. How to do that?

1. Before applying this concept, there are important things you need to know. Choose plants that don’t have long roots, herbs with small root is a perfect choice. You can choose sage and rosemary.

2. Plants need water and this concept isn’t much different from the others. Perform regular watering to maintain soil moisture, a condition to aid the plant growth.

If you want to use vertical concept, seek containers with trays feature. It is useful to store water and not gum up the floor. Take water in the tray to water the herbs.

3. Containers become the most important element to have wall garden. However, you shouldn’t be carelessly looking for soil to fill the container. The best soil for container must be able to absorb water and keep moist in a few hours. It’s better to choose peat moss or soil rich.

Wall herb garden is an alternative solution if you have limited space or land. You can try three important steps above!


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wall herb gardenwall herb gardenwall herb gardenwall herb garden