How to Grow Herb Garden Plants without a Failure


herb garden plants

Many people want to make a garden filled with a variety of herbs. These plants contain exceptional benefits and very useful for herbs, medicine or aromatherapy. Herbs divided into two types, annual or perennial.

You can use a variety of ways to build herb garden, either grow in the kitchen, windowsill or balcony. Herbs can be planted in a large container or small container for small herb. Here are herb garden plants you can grow!

1. Before you start planting, separate the herbs by its type, whether annual or perennials. Besides that, you have to separate vegetables from the herbs too.

Parsley, mint and angelica need sunlight for more than six hours, while the fragrance oils herbs need sun with a longer duration.

2. Soil should have good drainage features, as well as pH (between six and seven). Herbs require fertilizer in sufficient quantities, don’t sprinkle too much as it gives bad effect.

3. Keep the soil temperature and moisture, use organic mulch. Soil moisture has an important role for growth, that’s why you must give water the herbs.

4. Don’t watering the plants without checking soil moisture beforehand. Moreover, if the ground is already dry out, give it water. Chervil, mint and parsley are herbs that require high moisture.

If you want to try out indoor concept, there are herb garden plants that you can grow such as oregano, chives, thyme, parsley and sage.


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herb garden plantsherb garden plantsherb garden plantsherb garden plantsherb garden plants