How To Design An Awesome Hot Tub Gazebo


lighting hot tub gazebo

Ordinary gazebo is a common thing, but what about a hot tub gazebo? It will boost your home value if you consider build one around your yard. How to design a hot tub gazebo? Here are the instructions.

1. Make sure the design of a gazebo is large enough to accommodate seating, a drying off area and the hot tub.

2. Consider building your gazebo from wood with a raised floor so the hot tub can be set flush to the floor and use lattice-work on sides of the gazebo.

3. Install an attractive wicker laundry hamper in a corner for dirty towels and decorative hooks for terrycloth robes.

4. After a dip in the hot tub, you would like to get a quick rinse so consider installing an outdoor shower. There are two ways to have it, plumbed or devised to capture rainwater and store it until it’s needed.

5. Prevent insects and plant insect repelling foliage and flowers by installing screens on the gazebo. Choose a curtain from canvas or waterproof fabric that can provide privacy.

6. Don’t forget to provide electricity outlets for lighting, a ceiling fan and mini-fridge. Maybe you are interested to have a dimmer switch for the lighting so you can change the mood. Install entertainment features such as a flat panel television, DVD player and sound system with remote speakers.


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