Creating Indoor Garden in Winter


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When the winter comes, the land get cold and it seems impossible to plants some vegetable outside of the house. This is because of the unsupported weather that cannot help the plants to grow well until the crop times come. However, impossible is not always impossible. Since the development of the technology, now everything seems possible in our hand. We no longer unable to plants some vegetables in winter because we can do it inside of our house. How can we do it? Well, here are some ways to plants even in winter season.

If you are planning to plant some vegetable in winter, now you can start planting them inside of your house. In doing so, of course you need some tools and the other preparations. But, the first thing to do is that you have to know what kinds of plants that still able to grow in winter season especially inside of your house. As the suggestion, planting tomatoes and lettuce can be done as the suggested indoor garden plants. What you need to prepare is all about the humidity level of the soil, the lighting, as well as the watering system of your indoor garden.

After deciding the plants you are going to plants, the next step you should do is looking for the seeds on the farm store. Pick the one that available in smaller sizes so that you can crop it as fast as you plant it outside of your house. Make sure that you have the proper composition of the soil humidity so that the seeds can grow well. About the lighting, you can use the LED light for plants that available in the farm store as well. For faster growing your plants need at least six to eight hours of sunlight, and LED lamp can solve this problem in winter. Do not water it too much to prevent your plants from being rotten.


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