How to Create Patio Garden Box Made by Yourself


patio garden box

There are many ways to create a garden on patio, some people prefer to use patio garden containers because easy to move anytime and anywhere. If you want other alternatives, you may consider patio garden box and fill it with flowers.

Not much different from containers such as pots, move the box is easy though it’s exhausting. You can put it on the ground or hung on the side fencing. It is easy to make, even though you can do it yourself but will take several hours. Prepare all materials and equipment, let’s make one!

1. Take a measuring tape and do measurements to figure out the box size. It depends on patio size.

2. Perform measurements on a plywood sheet based on patio measurement result. Determine the box size. You may begin from two side pieces, front and back pieces. You need to measure about length, height and depth.

3. When finished measuring, cut plywood sheet by basic design, Get rid of flakes using sandpaper to become refined.

4. Put two side pieces, front and back pieces to form a rectangular frame. Connect it all by using nails and hammer. Cover the top of it which serves as bottom part.

5. Color box according to taste and cover the bottom using plastic, use glue to attach it.

Creating patio garden box is easy, now you can have various flowers to add beauty exterior.


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patio garden boxpatio garden boxpatio garden box