How to Choose the Best Planter for Herb Garden


herb garden planter

There are many methods to make herb garden, one of them is using a planter. There are a lot of herbs able to thrive in a container. Some people use their creativity to find unique planter, which able to make garden have attractive and charming appearances.

Herb garden planter is a perfect solution for people who have a narrow area. In a large container, you can grow a variety of herbs or small container for one kind of herb.

1. Use terracotta pots to grow herbs and it would be better to buy in a variety of sizes. In order to enhance garden appearance, give a touch of beautiful color on the pots surface. Before planting seeds or plants, fill the pots using a soil rich.

Place the pots in a sunny area and do regular watering to maintain soil moisture.

2. In addition to terracotta pots, you may use a galvanized metal bucket as a planter. Fill it with rich soil before planting seeds or herbs. You can put the pots on patio or deck. Some herbs you can grow such as oregano, basil, chives, thyme and so on.

3. Use teacup planter to create a unique and captivating herb garden. The planters are available in a variety of sizes. Just like other pots, you will also find a drainage hole.

Before purchasing a garden herb planter, make sure it has a drainage hole.


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