How To Build A Metal Garden Gazebo


4 ideas metal garden gazebo

If you want to build a garden gazebo, consider metal as the main material. How to build a metal garden gazebo? You learn all steps below!


The first thing to do is finding the best location for gazebo. Please measure out the square footage of gazebo with aim not to overcrowd the backyard.

Rough sketch

Make a rough sketch of your gazebo. Find websites online that offer plans free of charge as the alternative if you don’t have a design in mind or visit local library in your town for a selection of blueprints.

The footings

Use a post-hole digger to dig out the vertical support footings to a depth of 18 inches. Use ready-mix concrete to fill each footing and adjust the positioning. Before allowing the cement to harden, please make sure each post is properly aligned vertically.


The last thing to do is painting the gazebo as desired. This activity depends on the type of metal used. For example, aluminum and most types of steel need a finish coat while wrought iron rarely get one.


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