How To Build An Inexpensive Gazebo


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Having a gazebo around your home doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. There are several ways to create an inexpensive gazebo.

1. Find the best site for your gazebo. Choose a level area free from shrubs or trees. Use pegs and string to mark out a 12-foot square.

2. Dig the square to a depth of 6 inches so the gazebo base can drain properly. Right inside the square, please measure and mark a 10-foot square as the footprint of the gazebo. Dig a 2-foot deep hole at each corner of the smaller square to site the corner posts. Make sure the square has a level base so the gazebo can stand squarely and sturdy.

3. Next, you have to plant a post in the first corner hole and make sure it is set squarely.

4. Take boards about 3 by 8 inch and cut both ends at a 45-degree angle. Fix fascia boards 3 by 12 inch into place around the sides of the gazebo at the top of the posts to form a rigid square. Measure the distance from the top center of the roof join to the middle of the fascia board. Measure from your marked point to the roof strut.

5. The last thing is using gravel to fill the foundation pit and grow climbing plants such as wisteria, honeysuckle, ivy or climbing roses.


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