How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Pool


lighting outdoor kitchen with pool

Many homeowners build an outdoor kitchen with pool to boost their home value. This feature will make your garden appear outstanding, where you can enjoy barbecue and swimming, it will be a perfect place to spend holiday. Here are some ideas you can apply.


Use vines to create a peaceful spring garden. You can allow a variety of beautiful vines to climb pergola and trellis.

Steel and stone

Use sleek materials such as steel and stone to create a more natural look. Use stone to create a working area around the grill and complete the outdoor design with stainless-steel countertops and hardware.

Covered area

Use shelters such as pegola, canopy or gazebo to cover your outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor kitchen will not completed without a bar, don’t forget to provide the grill to start barbecue.

Swim-up bar

If your budget is available, consider adding a swim-up bar. It’s a feature that will add a resort-like feel.


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