Best Flowers For Your Garden Gazebo


maintain flower garden gazebo

If you want to adorn the gazebo, the simplest thing you can do is using certain flowers. Of course, there are some flowers that will boost your garden gazebo.

Annual flowers

Consider having flower beds filled with home-grown annual plants form  a walkway to the gazebo or border around it. Annual flowers you can consider are petunias, allyssum, begonias, geranium, lobelia and marigolds. All these flowers can be set into borders, flower beds, window boxes and containers that decorate a gazebo setting.

Perennial flowers

Consider planting perennial flowers such as delphinium, hollyhock, peony, foxglove, phlox, native tropicals and lilies. Smaller plants such as the cheerful pansy can be a good choice.

Hanging Planters

You can also place a hanging planter inside the gazebo. Consider large hanging pots of fuchsia, ivy geranium, begonia, petunia and vining flowers hung from the rafters of a gazebo. Replace hanging planters to suit certain events.

Climbing vines

Besides hanging planters, you can consider climbing flowering vines such as trumpet, morning glory, clematis, wisteria and bougainvillea. Night blooming jasmine also a good choice to add a romantic touch. The owner must maintain the climbing plants to prevent damage to roofing, side panels and screens.


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