The Best Canopy For Garden Gazebo


different garden gazebo canopy

A garden gazebo without canopy will seem less attractive. How to choose a garden gazebo canopy? FYI, every gazebo is different and need a very specific one. So choose the one made specific to your gazebo.

Firstly, check the model number of gazebo. It can be the number the retail store assigned to the product or the manufacturer’s model number. How to find the number? Check on a tag the netting set or on the underside of the original canopy. The model number usually written on the instructions manual and on the frame of the gazebo. If you can find the model number, just choose the store from where the gazebo was purchased. Most online stores offer canopy for gazebo that are from big box retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot.

The best solution is choosing a universal or a custom fit. The last choice will make the gazebo appear brand new again. Universal only has most standard 10 x 10 square size gazebos while custom fit canopy accept order according to design. Choose a canopy made of high quality fabric with mold and tear resistance.


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