How to Apply Patio Garden Ideas for Condo Owners


condo patio garden ideas

Even though you live in a condo, you can have a garden with various vegetables and flowers, it’s very possible. There are a lot of brilliant ideas to have a garden!

Balcony or patio often becomes a part of condo and you can use it as a perfect place to create a garden. The most important thing to watch is the crop size! But there are some powerful tricks to overcome this problem. Let’s find out more about condo patio garden ideas!

1. Since you will use patio and balcony to create a garden then choose small plants. Try to check out at nursery stores around your city. Notice about plants habitat, are able to grow in the container and possibly to combine with other plants.

2. Find information about plants that you want to buy, from soil condition and how to care, not unless you want to buy flowers. Learn how to combine several flowering plants in one container and if you manage to do it then will produce a beautiful view!

3. You also need to know when a plant can bear fruit or blossom time. Thus, there is a chance you can plant two types of plants that vary by climate.

4. One of condo patio garden ideas that allow you to enjoy various vegetables and fruits is dwarf plants. Ask nursery shop, the treatment isn’t much different from normal plants but you can put it on patio even indoor!


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condo patio garden ideascondo patio garden ideascondo patio garden ideascondo patio garden ideas