Eight Gardening Tips for Spring That Easy to Do


gardening tips for spring

Spring is the perfect time to start gardening. But as a beginner, sometimes we don’t know what to do for the first time. Here are 8 gardening tips for spring you have to try:

1. Note the yard condition around your house. Get rid of some wild plants which eyesore and disrupt plant growth. Clean the scattered leaves and notice everything including irrigation.

2. Prepare all equipment for gardening. Is it complete? If there is any damaged or missing, don’t hesitate to buy a new one.

3. Clean the house yard, begin to mow! Prepare all the necessary equipment and make sure it can work well. Give the oil so won’t be jammed when used.

4. Cut twig of trees or plants that don’t look presentable. Cut a few leaves of plants that make the odd appearance. You can also clean the bushes which grow wild.

5. Before you start planting, try to check the soil moisture.

6. Prepare a new area for flower beds. Prepare the area that has been purged of gravel, stones or weeds.

7. Prepare seeds for your garden. You can prepare the flowers or vegetables. If you are a beginner, choose plants that easy to take care of.

8. Don’t forget to provide nutrients for the soil. Apply fertilizer regularly.

That’s 8 gardening tips for spring must be prepared. In order not to buy fertilizer, you can make your own compost. If this is something new for you, don’t forget to read article about gardening tips for beginners.


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gardening tips for springgardening tips for springgardening tips for spring