Eight Easy Indoor Gardening Tips You Can Do


indoor gardening tips

There are many small home garden tips we can apply for gardening hobby and we must try indoor gardening. It is the best solution if we don’t have large yard, especially for those who live in apartments. Before you begin, there are a few indoor gardening tips must be learned!

1. Any plants need sunlight to grow. Put the container or pot plants next to spot which get direct sunlight.

2. In order not to make the plants grow frail and emaciated, make sure the room is getting enough sunlight or we can buy light environments (medium/low). The easiest way is moving to a place gained a lot of sunlight.

3. Don’t forget to give water to crops. That’s one important element helps growth. Give it on regular basis! Be sure to buy a pot or container with drainage available.

4. Clean the plant regularly. Dust and dirt can stick to plants, prepare water and then wipe it gently, start from stem to leaves.

5. Besides need sunlight, plants also need fresh air. You should open door and window in the morning.

6. Perform routine checks on the indoor air temperature. Temperatures suitable for plant growth shouldn’t exceed 75 degree Fahrenheit.

7. Make a note about the plant every day. Keep track about what we have done, start from fertilizer, water and so on. This is part of treatment.

8. Don’t forget to give fertilizer regularly.

8 indoor gardening tips above are less potent if you don’t pay attention to soil and pot/container. Choose the soil quality and container with good drainage then you can get them at nursery stores.


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indoor gardening tipsindoor gardening tipsindoor gardening tips