7 Simple Ways to Grow Greek Oregano


how to grow Greek oregano

Oregano has different varieties and one of them is Greek oregano. This plant is a favorite by many people and often becomes kitchen ingredients. Just like ordinary oregano, this plant is easy to grow even for a newbie. Well, how to grow Greek oregano?

1. Prepare a nursery flat and fill it with a potting soil. Take the flat to the sunny area that receives direct sunlight about four hours per day.

2. Make sure the soil surface stay moist by using a spray bottle filled with water. Place your finger on the surface to test out the moisture level.

3. Time to plant the seeds! Give one or two seeds into the soil with two inches apart, press them with your finger. Let the nursery flat stays in a sunny area for germination.

4. Always check over the soil temperature! It should be about two degrees of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. While waiting for germination, prepare your planting bed outdoors.

6. Once the seedlings reach three inches in height, you can remove them outdoors. However, make sure the frost has passed.

7. Always watering the Greek oregano every two days with a depth of three inches. During extreme heat temperature, you can give one to two inches of water. However, when the winter comes, decrease water consumption to one inch for every two days.

These are how to grow Greek oregano. It’s easy, right?


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