Seven Steps How to Start Indoor Cherry Tomato Garden


indoor cherry tomato garden

Enjoy fresh tomatoes which planted by ourselves could give an infinite satisfaction. Some people say that it feels fresher and delicious. Although you don’t have a large yard, we can use indoor garden concept and plant our favorite tomatoes.

Cherry tomato doesn’t need a large room to begin with. Try to practice how to start indoor cherry tomato garden by follow 7 steps below:

1. Prepare a container and fill it with high quality soil. Typically, the soil is able to absorb water faster. It’s black and dry. When touched, it will feel like sand. Choose a container with drainage holes, don’t forget it!

2. Remove seeds and cultivate in containers properly. Make sure the root is underground and not comes up to surface.

3. Make sure the soil around the plants always on moist. Water it regularly but don’t make the soil become too mushy.

4. Give fertilizer regularly. Make sure the formula exactly as stated on the packaging. Give fertilizer on tomato plants every two weeks.

5. Cherry tomato needs sunlight with duration about 6 hours. Therefore, put in strategic locations so can get sunlight.

6. When the plants started to bear fruit, attach a stake in the container. It can also help plant posture when begin to grow bigger.

7. To successfully apply indoor tomato garden for cherry type, water the soil regularly to keep the humidity. Before watering, make sure the soil is dry.


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indoor cherry tomato gardenindoor cherry tomato gardenindoor cherry tomato garden