Seven Small Garden Trees with Beautiful Effect


small garden trees

Plant large trees in the yard can give coolness and beauty, but it’s like a catastrophe for a small garden. Why is that? Large trees can make your small garden look cramped! Take a look and check some small garden trees in this article.

1. Paperbark maple is the best tree to decorate your small garden in the spring. The height is about 7 meters.

2. Amur maple is an attractive option for small home garden design. The size isn’t too big and too high, it’s categorized as a tree for small gardens because only 5 meters tall.

3. Cornelian cherry is perfect for early spring and makes your small garden look stunning. This tree has a lot of types and you won’t disappoint to plant it in your garden.

4. Magnolia is available in various sizes but only a few are suitable for small gardens.

5. Japanese maple have a unique leaves shape and available in many forms. Also the height is varied start from 2 to 6 meters.

6. Witch hazel offers a beauty to your garden in early spring. This tree produces red or yellow flowers will fall around the yard. This plant has a height about 6 meters.

7. Serviceberry not only able to beautify your garden with small white flowers in spring. You can also enjoy blue-black berries in summer.

That’s seven small garden trees which you can choose to enhance your yard.


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