Seven Apartment Gardening Ideas You Can Try To Prove


apartment gardening ideas

We can do gardening activities anywhere, anytime, even at apartment. Many people enjoy gardening activities despite living in an apartment. They exploit balcony, patio, rooftop and even indoor room to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits.

Apartment size isn’t an obstacle to start gardening. If you don’t believe it, try to prove apartment gardening ideas on this article!

1. Make balcony and patio as a place to start an outdoor garden. Although size isn’t too large, you have to make the best possible.

2. Don’t be sad if you don’t have balcony on your apartment. Take window advantage to plant crops, whether vegetables, fruits even flowers.

3. Sprouting is an interesting idea to try. The way to do it is easy but if you confused, please take a moment to read steps and tips to get success. Buy a sprouter so plants can grow optimally.

4. Use window boxes to grow vegetables or flowers. Make a place to put it (near to window), fill with potting soil then sprinkle seeds.

5. If the flat rooftop is available and you are free to reach it, asking for permission to start gardening on there.

6. Indoor gardening is a brilliant idea. Put grow lights to aid plant growth. You could also try hydroponics concept.

7. Planting herbs is a nice option and the way to do it is easy, either indoors or windowsill.

Try 7 apartment gardening ideas above! In fact, gardening isn’t just limited to yard but we can use any existing space.


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apartment gardening ideasapartment gardening ideasapartment gardening ideasapartment gardening ideas