Six Steps How to Growing Indoor Tomato Garden Ready to Harvest


growing indoor tomato garden

Everyone loved tomatoes and consume it as a vegetable or a fruit. Often used to add a flavor or serving as dessert fruit. If you don’t want to buy tomatoes at the grocery store, start tomato gardening with indoor method, it doesn’t require large space and faster harvesting.

How to growing indoor tomato garden for fast harvest? Read the following tricks!

1. Some tomatoes are could grow quickly and ready harvest as early girl, early wonder, Siberia, sub arctic or prairie fire. We can get it in the nursery around city or try to order by online. Plants could grow quickly and only takes 48 till 62 days before ready to harvest. It’s quickly, right?

2. After getting desired tomato seedlings, prepare containers with drainage holes. Fill containers with soil mixed with compost, perlite and sphagnum peat moss.

3. Plant the seed and then place containers in locations which receive enough sunlight. Another option is using grow lights and makes sure the position more than 4 inches from the plant. The light should illuminate plants with duration about 12 to 16 hours!

4. When tomatoes grow bigger, put cages around it.

5. Watering the tomato isn’t too difficult, do it three times a week but previously, first make sure the water has come out through the drainage holes.

6. Tomatoes ready to harvest when the color changes. It’s to indicate already ripe.

Try to apply those six steps above about how to growing indoor tomato garden harvest in order to get a faster harvest. Good luck!


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growing indoor tomato gardengrowing indoor tomato gardengrowing indoor tomato garden