Six Simple Steps to Take Care Dwarf Citrus Trees for Newbie


dwarf citrus trees

For those who want to try to plant dwarf fruit trees, you can start with dwarf citrus trees. It doesn’t need tight treatment because it is very easy to grow and not become a problem even grow indoors. This plant can also beautify house interior so you will feel comfortable. There are many types which you can choose!

If you have select one of it and put in the house then the next step is how to take care in order to flourish and bear fruit.

1. Give water to the plants regularly, usually citrus plants need water for 5 to 7 days. Make sure the soil remains moist and not too wet.

2. In order to keep the plant growth stay healthy, give quality fertilizer. Apply fertilizer once or twice a month with the proper ratio.

3. Don’t let weeds up around the plant area. This can impede and impair growth. Get rid of immediately if you find it.

4. In order to remain attractive, you can trim the leaves or stems that interfere. You can do it anytime but make sure if a tree view isn’t attractive anymore.

5. Don’t be afraid of insects and pests, this plant usually don’t interest them. However, you must careful of ants or fleas. Clean plants with a mixture of soapy water and one percent of light horticultural oil.

6. Almost all types of citrus plants like humidity. In order to thrive, spray plants with water, especially when winter arrives.

It’s not too difficult to maintain dwarf citrus trees. If you interested to try it, choose one type of citrus and apply six steps above.


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dwarf citrus treesdwarf citrus treesdwarf citrus trees