6 Ideas to Build a Hanging Herb Garden


hanging herb garden

There are many concepts ready to help you build herb garden, one of them is the hanging concept. This concept can beautify your home decor and ready for different places, start from balcony, porch or indoor area like in the kitchen.

Let’s learn how to make herb garden with the hanging concept!

1. Choose plants that fit using this concept, such as chives, thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley and sage. These plants thrive in soil with good drainage feature. If possible, use one container for various herbs. When winter arrives, move the container into the room.

2. Look for hanging containers made ​​with drainage holes feature. Use rich soil to fill the container.

3. Since the soil in containers can dries faster, give water regularly, but not overdo it. Before watering, check the soil condition beforehand.

4. Plants need sun at least six hours, place the container in a sunny area. If the area not covered by sunlight, remove the container from the hook and move it to sunny area, let sunbathe for a few hours.

5. Give fertilizer sufficiently, but not too excessive. Herbs that grow too lush won’t have a high savor and the taste change.

6. When the flower buds begin to appear, it’s the best time to harvest the herbs.

There are six ideas you can do to have hanging herb garden. Follow six steps above one by one.


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hanging herb gardenhanging herb gardenhanging herb gardenhanging herb gardenhanging herb garden