5 Ways How to Start Your DIY Herb Garden


types DIY herb garden

People are willing to spend money and time to make herb garden. No need to call a professional, you can make herb garden as a DIY project. Let’s learn together!

1. The first step, please decide what herbs you will grow in the garden. This is important action before creating your DIY herb garden. There are various plant you can grow, start from sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, sweet basil, chives and parsley. All these plants categorized as annual and perennial herbs.

Choose herbs that meet your need. Using herbs as a food ingredient is the main reason people make the herb garden. Find out the types that you often use in cooking.

2. The next step, determine design of the garden. Environmental conditions around your home will also determine its design. For example, people who live in an apartment or house with a small yard, better to use a container concept. Although it is a brilliant idea, the treatment is a little bit different from the conventional way, especially watering.

For people who live in a house with a wide yard, better to use conventional ways. You can use raised beds too. Separate types of plants in two different positions either annuals or perennials.

The most important thing in carrying out DIY herb garden:

1. Look for sunny areas.

2. Use rich soil, mix it with compost.

3. Give fertilizer sufficiently.


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types DIY herb gardenDIY herb gardenDIY herb gardenDIY herb gardenDIY herb gardenDIY herb garden