5 Easy Ways How to Grow Oregano


how to grow oregano

Oregano has benefits and often used in herbal medicine or cooking. This plant is really important as kitchen ingredient and you must have it in your garden. Growing oregano isn’t difficult at all because it’s easy to start even for a newbie. Do you want this plant too in your garden? Let’s learn how to grow oregano.

1. Decide an area to plant your oregano. This plant needs full sun and perfectly grow in almost any well-drained soil.

2. How will you start to plant oregano? There are two options: buy nursery stock or start from seed. Better choose the second option, you will gain new knowledge since starting grow oregano from seed is totally easy, even for a newbie.

3. When starting the planting process, put the seeds in 1/4-inch deep. If you start from nursery stock, each stock must be about 18 inches apart.

4. The best time to harvest your oregano is in mid-spring, that’s the time before the flowers open. You can harvest as needed, whether for cooking or herbal medicine.

5. Protect your oregano plant from freezing temperatures, use straw or grass as mulch. You can remove it in early spring.

A hint about how to grow oregano, please carefully choose an area to grow. Oregano is a perennial plant and you don’t want to waste your time move it each year.


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