Five Tasty and Fresh Indoor Fruit Plants


indoor fruit plants

Planting fruit trees with indoor concept? Well, you can do it and enjoy fresh fruits when the harvest time comes. Not all fruit crops able to follow with indoor fruit garden concept, there is only a few trees only, but you don’t need to worry, because taste of fresh fruit can make you addicted to apply this concept constantly. Here is indoor fruit plants which suitable and easy to apply!

1. Everybody loves to eat grapes which considered as one of exotic fruit with unimaginable flavor. You can apply it to indoor garden, but look for places that have natural light and good ventilation so fruit can harvested successfully.

2. Enjoy sweetness of strawberries grown by using a medium pot. Put close to the window sill so will get direct sunlight. If you want to harvest early, start in autumn and the fruit will harvested in late spring.

3. Figs also suitable for indoor garden but make sure the room temperature is 55 – 65 F, it’s to control the plant growth. Also, avoid direct contact with the sun and don’t forget to give nutrients to the plants by sparingly.

4. Mulberry is a plant suitable for large pots and not grew too fast. Make sure the air temperature 55-70 F and don’t put it directly next to the light.

5. Nectarines and Peaches not require difficult treatment. Put it one warm temperature which get sunlight (50-55 F). When the plants have started to bear fruit, move it to place with a temperature 65-70 F.

Choose one of indoor fruit plants that become your favorite. There are many other fruit crops you can taste, we will discuss in a later article.


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indoor fruit plantsindoor fruit plantsindoor fruit plants