Five Steps to Take Care Dwarf Apple Trees


dwarf apple trees

Everyone loves to eat apples and want to plant it. Well, you can do it even though have limited soil and small yard. Nowadays, dwarf apple tree available in nursery stores and can produce fruit that not much different from normal apple tree. In fact, it can bear fruit more quickly!

Interested? If you’ve bought or want to try to grow it, there are 5 ways to take care of dwarf apple trees so could grow faster and quickly bear fruit.

1. In order to keep tree growth isn’t impaired, put stakes around it. Do this for 2 or 3 years. Stakes can help grow an apple tree to grow straight.

2. Maintain tree health by remove dead branches. Do this activity in early spring or late winter. You should do it on regular basis in order to make the tree grow healthy without having slightest disturbance.

3. Don’t forget to give nutrients to plants. Provide compost and sprinkle on the ground. Fertilizer can help the tree’s growth and bear fruit more quickly. Provide regular and balanced fertilizer. Fertilizer should contain substances such as potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

4. Keep plants from various hazards including pest. Don’t forget to spray pesticides. Before you do, try to check the tree’s health by notice the leaves, whether hole, moldy or spots.

5. The final step to take care of dwarf apple trees is give water regularly. Don’t let the soil drought.

Planting and care isn’t too difficult because apple tree considered as one of dwarf fruit trees that no need strictly care.


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dwarf apple treesdwarf apple treesdwarf apple trees