Five Learning Steps to Start Hydroponic Gardening Tomatoes


hydroponic gardening tomatoes

Planting tomatoes is very pleasant activity because the fruit taste is fresh and delicious. We no longer need go to grocery store to buy it. There are many ways to grow tomatoes and one of them is indoor tomato garden. Moreover, hydroponic gardening tomatoes could become alternative and we can enjoy the harvest throughout the year.

This system doesn’t need large tracts of land, tools are available at nursery store and easy to install. Tomatoes have the same taste and not much different from tomato plants grown using soil. Interested to try it?

1. Prepare all tools we need and a room in the house. Install all equipment, including grow lights. It is the best choice if sunlight can’t reach the room.

2. After preparing hydroponic containers with rock wool, it’s time to put the seed into it. Don’t give it too much, just two or three. If completed, give enough water until the wool is wet.

3. To help growth, give grow medium as much a teaspoon into the container. Do it after the seeds begin to sprout. It took two to three days until grow medium absorbed completely and we have to be patient.

4. Once seedlings grow about 2 or 3 inches, we can move it into net pots and then put it into a hydroponic grow system that we create before.

5. Perform maintenance by giving grow medium and check out pH balance regularly. Hydroponic gardening tomatoes have pH about 5.5 – 6.5 and make sure not exceed those levels. Give nutrition regularly every two weeks and before watering the plants, make sure the water has dried up and we can do it every three weeks.


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hydroponic gardening tomatoeshydroponic gardening tomatoeshydroponic gardening tomatoes