Five Simple Steps to Start Apartment Vegetable Garden


apartment vegetable garden

Enjoy fresh vegetables can improve health. No need to buy vegetables at the grocery store anymore because we can plant it by ourselves despite living in an apartment. Use containers to start gardening activities and many vegetables we can have.

By doing proper care, then we can enjoy vegetables ready to harvest and no need to buy anymore. How to start apartment vegetable garden?

1. Containers made from various materials such as clay, plastic, and wood. Choose according to needs and sturdy to accommodate grow vegetables. Make sure to choose a container with drainage hole.

2. Choose a container suitable with vegetable crops. If you want to plant a large vegetable then we need a big container.

3. Don’t fill the container with outdoor soil! Use potting soil in containers because they have better quality and at the same time can help vegetables growth. It can help to restrain damage to crops caused by fungi or bacteria.

4. After put potting soil into container, give fertilizer accordance with guidance on packaging. Mix the soil before we planted the seeds.

5. Place container in sunlight spot. It is very useful to helping growth.

Those are five easy steps to start apartment vegetable garden. Don’t forget to water the plants regularly. If you want to have vegetable gardening at balcony, read an article about balcony garden ideas for vegetables! There are many ideas able to realize your dream!


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apartment vegetable gardenapartment vegetable gardenapartment vegetable garden