Five Steps to Plant Dwarf Fig Trees in Yard


dwarf fig trees

Do you want to plant fruit trees in pots? Of course, it would be nice if we could make it happen. Nowadays, there are dwarf fruit trees which allows us to gardening although have small yard and don’t have a lot of ground. Dwarf fig trees available in several varieties and can grow up to 8 feet. We can plant it indoors or outdoors. Let’s read on how to grow it!

1. Before planting, find a place that gets sunlight for 4 to 8 hours. Make sure the pot placed slightly apart from cement or pavement because if the fruit fell down on top of it then can leave stains. Pot should be placed slightly apart from other fruit crops, is approximately 10 feet.

2. After getting a perfect spot, dig a hole with enough size which fit with dwarf fig’s container. Cover the hole with soil then pour the water.

3. Buy all-purpose fertilizer and sprinkle it around the tree. Perform according to guidelines listed on the packaging. Instead, give fig fertilizer in early spring and do it just once a year.

4. Make sure the soil around the plants always moist. Therefore, give water regularly. After dwarf fig past its first year, reduce giving water and make sure the soil become dry before watering again.

5. In the late fall, cover the root area by using a layer of straw and grass. Cover with 3-4 inch thickness. This step is to ensure the dwarf fig trees safe from extreme cold, especially the roots.


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dwarf fig treesdwarf fig treesdwarf fig trees