5 Steps to Create Herb Garden in your Kitchen


kitchen herb garden

For people who love culinary, herb garden will satisfy all your needs for food ingredients. No need go to the grocery store anymore, you can take spices quickly. The most fun, you can create herb garden in a variety of ways and one of them is using indoor concept.

You can use a windowsill or kitchen. Since you want herb garden for food ingredients purpose, then it’s preferably using the kitchen. How to do that? Here are some tips to build kitchen herb garden:

1. Look for containers adjust to kitchen size. Use narrow containers if you want to use windowsill concept and grow small herb plants. Large container is suitable for plant more than two types.

2. Choose herbs adjusts to container size. Place it in the sunny area. Plants need sunlight for more than six hours.

3. Fill the container with a special soil, free from fungi, small rocks and grass. Buy a high quality/rich soil at nursery store.

4. Choose herbs can meet your need. There are various types you can plant and able to thrive in a pot. You can plant oregano, dwarf, thyme and chives. Use one pot for larger plants such as sage, mint, rosemary or parsley.

5. In order for plants to thrive, give fertilizer every two to three weeks.

Five steps above you can use to build herb garden in your kitchen.


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kitchen herb gardenkitchen herb gardenkitchen herb gardenkitchen herb gardenkitchen herb garden