Five Indoor Herb Garden Ideas and Advantages


indoor herb garden ideas

If you are looking for indoor plants ideas, try to planting herb crops! It is the best idea besides crops cultivate vegetables or flowers. Indoor herbal plant is a very popular concept. But some people often have problems and don’t know how to handle it. Well, let’s discuss about indoor herb garden ideas!

Advantage of applying indoor garden:

1. You can put herbal plants in secure location and not easily damaged by extreme weather changes.

2. Herbs have strong delicious flavor and different from processed herbs.

3. Fresh herbs in a condition ready to processed for different cuisines and drinks.

4. Save money because you don’t have to buy it again at the grocery store.

Some plants suitable for indoor herb garden:

1. Thyme can grown so easily by using container such as pots and you can put it on the terrace. This plant can served on dishes such as soups, vegetables and meat.

2. Sweet basil can grow easily in the warm season and you just need to provide a 6-inch pot.

3. Tarragon is one of perennial herbs suitable for spring season. Unique aroma makes it as one of favorite plants to give different taste in foods or drinks.

4. Chives can grow in small containers and easy maintenance. Put in a sunny location for optimum growth.

5. Chervil and parsley are part of indoor herb garden ideas and often used as a spice in cooking.

Apparently there are many plants and advantages of indoor herb garden concept. Are you interested?


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indoor herb garden ideasindoor herb garden ideasindoor herb garden ideasindoor herb garden ideasindoor herb garden ideas