Five Indoor Gardening Plants Easy to Care


indoor gardening plants

Indoor garden is the best solution for those who don’t have a large yard or who live in apartments. Fun activities on offer aren’t much different from outdoor garden. By creating an indoor garden design, you can get a beautiful garden inside your house that can give a positive effect for home interior. How to do it? Choose the right plants! Here are 5 indoor gardening plants!

1. Have you ever think about put a cactus in the house? You can create a mini garden with miniature cactus which can give southwest touch. Instead, these plants don’t need complex treatment.

2. Each plant requires a light, either natural or artificial. If you want to put a plant doesn’t need too much light, try to plant Chinese Evergreen.

3. For those who are busy and don’t have enough time to water the plants, Ponytail Palm doesn’t need water and can survive. This plant can maintain its beauty! However, you shouldn’t forget to give it water.

4. Braided Ficus Tree is famous as a plant easy to maintain and quickly adapt to surrounding environmental conditions. This is one of very popular plants for indoor garden.

5. One of indoor gardening plants can give beauty spring season is Amaryllis. Yellow flowers can make you through the days with gusto, especially if you put it in the house, you will feel more refreshed and optimistic.


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