5 Ideas to Start Herb Plants for Indoors


herb plants for indoors

There are many ways for gardening and one of them is using indoor concept, which allows you to grow herbs. Gardening activities aren’t aiming to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also grow herbs inside your home, either as spices, medical purpose or a focal point to beautify decor.

People grow herbs with indoor concept by using a remaining space like windowsill. Following are a few types of herbs you can grow.

1. Indoor concept allows you to plant chives. If you have this plant outside the house, at the end of the growing season, you can move chives into a pot. In early winter, put the pot on basement or indoor coolest spot. Leave it for a few days then you can move it to the brightest window.

2. Growing oregano isn’t hard! You can start with a tip cutting from outdoor oregano and place it into the pot. You can put the pot in a south-facing window, that’s the best place to grow.

3. Basil often used as a spice, you can grow this plant from seeds. The best place to grow is in a south-facing window. Make sure the spot reachable by sunlight and warm enough.

4. Bay categorized as perennial and west or east-facing window is the best place to grow. Do not place pots are too close together, bay needs good air circulation to thrive successful.

5. In late summer is the best time to plant Chervil. It’s easy to care because this plant can survive in low light.


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herb plants for indoorsherb plants for indoorsherb plants for indoorsherb plants for indoorsherb plants for indoors