Five Easy Steps to Start Indoor Tomato Garden


indoor tomato garden

There are many kinds of fruit suitable to apply as indoor fruit garden but some of them took a long time to grow and need rigorous treatment. If you want to try indoor garden that isn’t too difficult especially for a beginner, there is no harm by starting to grow tomatoes. Applying indoor tomato garden is easy! Tomato not only regarded as a vegetable, there are some people who consume it as fruit.

1. Prepare a three-inch pot with soil mixed with fertilizer. After that, plant the seed to a depth of 2 quarters inch.

2. After finish planting the seeds, then take a plastic bag and seal the pot. Move to warm place that enough for seeds to start growing. After a while, sprouts will appear and you can move the pot from plastic bags. Shoots will grow about one or two weeks after planting.

3. Look for locations where sunlight can easily get into the house, probably about 6 hours. When the soil becomes dry, don’t forget to water it.

4. Move the plant to a larger container then prepare a 6-8 inch pot size after tomato plants grow.

5. When finished moving it, don’t forget to install wooden dowel on the back of the plant. This is to help growth.

That’s five easy ways to grow tomatoes as indoor garden. Not too difficult to start it! In order to make Indoor tomato garden run successfully, don’t forget to give fertilizer, water and lights.


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indoor tomato gardenindoor tomato gardenindoor tomato garden