5 Easy Steps Growing Garlic in Ohio


growing garlic in Ohio

If you are a gardener who lives in Ohio, take a chance to create a garlic garden in your home area. This is a great way to enjoy garlic without need to buy from grocery store. However, growing garlic in Ohio need to pay attention to several conditions and find out the best time to start.

1. If you love spring planting, start in March or April.

2. Prepare everything you need, start from the soil and the seeds. In order to grow garlic, choose soil in a recommended condition such as fertile and crumbly. Increase the soil nutrition by using three to four inches of organic matter such as chicken manure and compost.

3. Break the garlic into multiple cloves. However, you don’t have to remove out the outer skin. Choose the best cloves in a fresh and smooth condition without visible damages from disease or rot. It’s advisable to plant the large outer bulbs.

4. You have to plant each clove in an upright position with ½ to one inch deep and make sure to have three to five inches apart.

5. You can start to harvest the garlic in August. Take a note to the leaves, if they are starting to look brown and dry, that’s a good sign to harvest.

You can also enjoy the fall planting and the process isn’t different at all.


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