4 Ways to Start Herb Plants for Kitchen


herb plants for kitchen

Growing herb plants for kitchen is a smart move because you can use it as kitchen spice. No need to buy herb plants in supermarket or grocery store, you can get the fresh one without need to spend money from your wallet.

What should you prepare?

1. Since you are using indoor concept, prepare some containers. Look for containers or pots adjust size or kitchen location. For example, choose narrow containers if you want to plant herbs by using windowsill.

If your kitchen spacious enough to accommodate large container, grow several herbs in one container is much better. In this case, you can grow mint, basil or larger herb plants.

2. Collect all seeds and cuttings that you want to plant. Adjust size of the plants with container. All herbs need sunlight to survive, place containers in an easy accessible for sunlight or use a grow lamp as a replacement.

3. Before planting starts, buy potting soil for container. Don’t ever think to fill container with soil from your yard because this action isn’t recommended!

4. Provide sufficient nutrients to support growth. Give fertilizer every two or three weeks, you can sprinkle a diluted organic liquid fertilizer, etc.

There are many herb plants that you can plant, start from small size to large size, such as oregano, thyme, basil, mint, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, sage, etc.


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herb plants for kitchenherb plants for kitchenherb plants for kitchenherb plants for kitchenherb plants for kitchen