Four Easy Ways to Carry Out Indoor Fruit Garden


indoor fruit garden

Plant fruit trees in the home yard will give unforgettable experience. But not all fruit trees easy to grow freely because requires certain conditions and seasons to bear fruit. Plant with indoor garden concept can help you enjoy your own fruits. Nonetheless, indoor fruit garden also requires certain requirements. What kind of fruit fits with this concept?

1. Actually, there are many fruit trees could use indoor garden concept such as nectarines and peaches, those trees can placed in the pot. Some fruit trees have small size and easy to maintain such as apple, orange, pear, lemon, tangerine, lime. Choose a dwarf size!

2. Strawberry is one of indoor plants ideas which able to use pot and growing beds, it’s easy to maintain and harvested on time. You won’t disappoint with the fruit taste. Don’t use pot and growing beds for squash or melons because both of these plants need plenty of room to flourish.

3. Note also about soil in the pot, use the qualified one and mixed it with compost, peat and vermiculite. Choose a pot matches fruit plants and make sure it has drainage.

4. Choose a location gets plenty of sun and make sure the room temperature is warm to help plant growth. If unable to get sufficient light, you can help it by create artificial light. In order to get success story while carry out indoor fruit garden, don’t forget to do maintenance such as watering, fertilizing and cleaning.


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indoor fruit gardenindoor fruit gardenindoor fruit garden