Four Ways How to Building an Indoor Garden


building an indoor garden

Gardening is a fun hobby, but not everyone able to do it especially for those who live in apartments or houses with small yards. Indoor garden home is an alternative and easy to apply if following some important rules. It’s not too difficult, but in fact building an indoor garden need to fight hard to survive and grow perfectly.

1. Before you start doing indoor garden, consider four important components, namely:

  • Lighting, make sure the room is getting enough sunlight or install an artificial lighting.
  • Ventilation, air could go out without having slightest resistance.
  • Temperature, air temperature isn’t too hot or too cold.
  • Humidity, the room shouldn’t too moist and must on balanced condition.

2. Ventilation and lighting are two important components can help growth. Choose a place with perfect air condition and light can passed easily. If it isn’t possible to get natural light, use artificial light!

3. Use special tool to check the room’s temperature. Hot or cold conditions can affect growth and sometimes make withered the plants. Let the tool for several days and note any temperature changes occur every day.

4. Building an indoor garden isn’t exposed to sunlight provides different challenges. You can use artificial light, but must suitable with plant type. Artificial light should also accompanied by mounting a fan to prevent the plants get overheating.


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building an indoor gardenbuilding an indoor gardenbuilding an indoor garden