Four Small Landscaping Ideas & No Need Spend Money!


small landscaping ideas

How to apply small landscaping ideas? No need to find too many references, it can make you become confused and don’t know what to do. Take action! After getting what you looking for, don’t wait anymore and act immediately. Here are some ideas you can apply, namely:

1. Make privacy area from neighbors or wildlife which could sneak into your yard. Rustic fence is the perfect choice because you don’t need spend lots of money to make new ones. But note carefully about the materials condition, whether feasible or not. Looking for rustic fence isn’t hard, maybe you can buy it from neighbors.

2. No need to decorate garden with expensive plant seeds and need extra care. Try to make use of trees, flowers or plants around the house. Typically, these plants suited to neighborhood climate and no need maintenance. In order to more easily perform maintenance, make a small garden irrigation so plants remain treated.

3. No need to replace plants every season which your spending time and money. Try to apply perennial beds! Although you apply it, don’t forget to perform regular maintenance to keep it look beautiful. If you don’t want bother, you can buy perennials which sold at nursery stores. But there is no harm to ask directly to friends, relatives or neighbors, maybe you can get free perennials.

4. Some people may happy to have water plants in the yard, make a small pond and then adorn with your favorite water plants and put some fish in it.

As a complement to small landscaping ideas, you can build a small garden sheds to store garden tools as well as beautify garden design.


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