4 Ideas For Pergola Shade


grapevines pergola ideas for shade

Do you want to boost the appearance of your pergola? Consider pergola ideas for shade below!

Climbing vines

Beautify your pergola with climbing vines such as wisteria. This plant produces shade in the heat of summer but light easy to come in. Grapevines also become a great choice, but require strong support in a pergola’s structure. Other plants that do not require such strong support are hyacinth bean, morning-glory and Carolina Jessamine.

Fabric shade

Using weather-resistant fabric to add shade to your pergola. Use a dense lace to cover the roof and create a romantic atmosphere. Installing sheers to the sides of pergola for a Mediterranean feel and create privacy.

Shade trees

Consider planting one or more arching shade trees to create a shade tree canopy. Avoid trees that are susceptible to disease, insect damage and produce large amounts of fruits or seeds. The most recommended you can choose is the linden tree.

Built-in shade

Consider pergola with built-in shade as the part of architectural. Ask your builder to cover pergola with roofing material to make shade an option at any time or season for example thatch roofing brings an exotic feel.


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