Four Gardening Tips for Beginners Easy to Do!


gardening tips for beginners

If you are looking for a hobby, gardening sounds like fun! In addition to spending time, you can also get a beautiful garden in the yard. There are many plants can be grown, start from vegetables, fruits and flowers. What should be done for the first time? Take your time to read gardening tips for beginners below:

1. Learn the yard condition! Make a plan beforehand! You can start by making a small garden by using pots and containers. Note the yard condition, including soil, sunlight and irrigation water. After that, you can create a more advanced planning.

2. Choosing plants should be done carefully, choose plants based on weather. The plants which easily grown can be the first plants to decorate your garden.

3. Before planting, it is better to plow the land and mixed with compost. Get rid of debris and rocks so seedlings can be grown to perfection.

After planting the seeds, don’t forget to give water on the area. Give enough water to keep the soil stay moist.

4. After the seedlings grow, don’t forget to do regular maintenance. Give water and fertilizer, and keep it away from insects that can damage the plants.

That’s gardening tips for beginners are easy to do and not spend a lot of time. In order not to get bored, take your children to take part, but it’s worth reading the article about gardening tips for kids.


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gardening tips for beginnersgardening tips for beginnersgardening tips for beginners