Four Crops Categorized as Indoor Apartment Plants


indoor apartment plants

Discussing about indoor apartment garden, we have to talk about plants suitable for this concept. Actually, there are many plants fit with indoor concept and often become a decoration for every home. Nevertheless, some of them need extra care and not easy to do so.

In this article, we will discuss about indoor apartment plants which easy to care, even for beginners though!

1. Peace Lilly suitable to put on dark corner because no need sunlight too much. White leaf will make the room look beautiful. If you decide to put it in some home corners, don’t forget to give watering them regularly because these plants need a lot of water.

2. For lovers of cacti, this plant is also suitable for indoor concepts and no need to water it regularly, just 1 or 2 times a month. Although doesn’t need fertilizer, cacti susceptible to disease and insects which could damage its growth.

3. Rubber plant no needs sunlight directly and the treatment is easy. But when summer comes, we have to water it regularly. Be sure to cut it regularly because this plant can grow larger. Alternative choice, make a dwarf version.

4. Pothos is one of indoor apartment plants easy to care for. We can put it by using container and hanging pots, this plant no need direct sunlight.


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indoor apartment plantsindoor apartment plantsindoor apartment plantsindoor apartment plants