Three Tips before Using Indoor Garden Box Concept


indoor garden box

Garden box is one of gardening tools could become a solution if you have a small yard or want to do indoor garden home. It can help you to cultivate various plants start from flowers to vegetables. Before you use indoor garden box, there are some things should study in advance!

1. Put the box in a room allows plants to grow without having the slightest resistance. It should put near to window which sunlight can get through easily.

2. If you put it in a room that doesn’t get enough sunlight, install artificial light on top of it. Install LED lamps just above the grow box and make sure not too close. Don’t be turn on the lights too longer, learn how long it takes. Each plant also requires a different type of lamp, ask to nursery store owner or consult with others who have experienced about this!

3. In general, all plants need light but not too excess. The light amount and plant species should become consideration to stay healthy and not withered easily.

In addition to light, make sure you choose a grow box equipped with drainage pan. Watering the plants regularly, three times a day is enough! In order to make the plants able to thrive, consider about soil quality and its nutrients. Apply fertilizer or you can use the soil quality. Indoor garden box requires attention and treatment isn’t too different. Make sure you do it perfectly!


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indoor garden boxindoor garden boxindoor garden box