3 Important Things of Herb Gardening for Dummies


herb gardening for dummies

Herbs store millions of benefit and if you are a beginner in gardening, plant herbs as your first mission. Herbs are useful plant as a spice in cooking, aromatherapy or medical purposes. In modern life, it’s not difficult to obtain fresh herbs. You can go to supermarket and grocery store.

However, planting herbs in your own effort will give a unique experience and satisfaction. No need going to supermarket and grocery stores, simply take herbs from your garden.

Are you a beginner? Try herb gardening for dummies!

1. Make a plan

a. Look out for a sunny location in your home. Herbs need at least six to eight hours of sunlight.

b. Look for an accessible location.

c. Use rich soil for planting, the soil can absorbs water completely.

d. Look for quality seeds and you can get them all in nursery store.

e. Choose seeds that meet your needs, don’t forget to select seeds that adapts to environmental condition.

2. Start to plant

a. Prepare a clean area, free from everything can inhibit the growth of herbs.

b. Use rich soil, mix it with compost.

c. Adjust position of the plant and not too close.

3. Perform treatment

a. Perform regular watering.

b. Check soil moisture before watering.

c. Give organic mulch to maintain soil moisture.

d. Give fertilizer in accordance to requisite, but not too much.

Those are some actions of herb gardening for dummies. Good luck!


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herb gardening for dummiesherb gardening for dummiesherb gardening for dummiesherb gardening for dummies